Monday, September 24, 2007

Entropy Reigns

It'll be another short post today, since my computer is not yet fixed. Ken has a couple of ideas of what might be wrong and will try to fix it tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

As if that's not enough, while I was loading up the pickup truck with hay to feed the horses, it suddenly stopped working too. Ken came out and was able to get it going again by jiggling the fuses under the dash.

But now I'm starting to feel like everything I own is succumbing to the forces of entropy. My recently replaced cell phone is only half working. The top-of-the-line toilet we installed when we redid the bathroom is now running constantly. When it rains hard, there's a leak in the roof of my office. Not to mention all the other "fixing up" tasks that this fixer upper farm requires.

I know that we'll muddle through and eventually get all these things fixed. With luck, we'll continue fixing things around the farm faster than entropy can tear them apart again.

It's just that when so many things are not working on the same day, I start to get kind of a complex about it!

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