Saturday, December 8, 2007

Callisto's First Ride

There was a lot of activity today in Taj's "Sheep Mahal" sheep shelter that Ken built. Two of Taj's ewes (which represent a full 1/3 of his breeding group) were in heat today, so he was busy all day making sure they got as pregnant as possible.

Later, I went out to take some measurements of Bonnie (saddle, blanket, and halter sizes) for the people who are buying her, and I ended up spending a while out in the pasture just visiting all the mares.

I especially spent time cuddling with Callisto. She has turned out so nice, I really don't want to sell her. For two years, I've been looking forward to riding her, and now she's almost old enough. I really want the chance to be the one to teach her. But with our finances the way they are, if she sells, I have to let her go.

So, just to avoid missing my chance entirely, while I was standing out there with her, I tipped the water trough upside down to use as a mounting block, had Ken hold her halter for me, and got on her back for the first time.

She knows me, and she's calm about everything anyway, so she didn't much care. She was a little surprised, and looked around to touch her nose to my toes on each side of her back. But she was happy enough to have me there.

She's a nice size for me, I think, although she's not as wide as Char. Char is so broad and well-cushioned, riding her is like sitting on a big, comfy, rocket-powered couch. I didn't ride Callisto around at all today, just sat there for a minute and then got off.

I could start her under-saddle training now, but I'm not the lightest rider in the world, so I'd rather wait until her third birthday, just to give her joints a few more months to mature before I make her carry me around very much.

Still, it was fun to be up there on her back for the first time, if only for a couple of minutes!

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