Saturday, December 29, 2007

Titan's Big Chance

Now that a week has passed since the main part of sheep breeding season, it's Titan's turn to be let loose with the ewes. As this year's cleanup ram, his job is to breed any of the ewes that didn't get bred by the other rams. Unfortunately for him, I don't think they've left much of a job for him to do.

Still, he's happy to be able to roam free with the rest of the flock for a little while. In a few weeks, he'll be put back in the paddock with the other rams, and the ewes will be a "boy-free" zone until after the lambs are born.

Not much else to write about today. Ken and I drove into Charlottesville so I could buy a new halter for Penny. She's the only one of the fillies still in a weanling size, and she's almost outgrown it. So now I bought her an adult "small." Grace is so large that she skipped the "small" size altogether, and went straight to "medium"---and she's only 8 months old!

While we were in town, we splurged and went to a matinee of the movie The Golden Compass. I really liked it: good storyline, excellent special effects, strong characters, and just an overall beautiful movie to watch.

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