Friday, December 21, 2007

Sleeping On It

The prospective buyer came today to see Penny, but she didn't make her decision yet. She decided to sleep on it and let us know tomorrow.

Of course, Penny chose today of all days to be just about the most ill-behaved she's ever been. She was balky, spooky, and all wound up the entire time the lady was looking at her. I think it was because she knew the other horses were all back in the pasture eating, and she was missing out.

So I don't know if she made a bad impression for being so naughty, or if the prospective buyer will understand that she's just a baby horse, and days like this happen. It's not as if Penny was really acting wild or dangerous, she was just more wound up than usual.

On the bright side, because she was feeling excitable, she did a very good job of showing off what a lovely big warmblood trot she inherited from her father. She usually doesn't show it off all that often, but when she wants to she has some beautiful extension and suspension.

I feel bad that the farm was such a mess while the buyer was here. The truck still isn't fixed yet, so we haven't continued our project of mucking out the paddocks. And the horses were all dirty, because it's too cold to bathe them, even if I'd had the time to do it.

Oh well. I guess I have to trust that real horse people understand that horses get dirty and fuzzy and don't look like polished show horses in the winter, especially if only one person is in charge of taking care of 15 horses.

I look forward to the day we've reduced the herd to just half a dozen or fewer, so that I'll have more time to keep them looking clean and pretty.


Anonymous said...

My fingers are crossed. Penny is such a beautiful girl and she is a steal at that price. Hopefully the buyer will realize that!

ann said...

Hopefully she comes back with truck and trailer ready to go!! I hope your sales go through.

I also noticed that you got your banner fixed - the blog title is no loner across the horses.

I hope you have a better new year.