Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Official!

Dr. Shane came to do Bonnie's vet check today, and it's official: she's definitely pregnant. That means her sale will go through, and we'll finally have some money to pay off most of our most urgent bills. Hurray!

Dr. Shane gave shots to the horses that are already sold, and did Coggin's tests for all our other sale horses too, so that will be already taken care of when the time comes to sell them.

The only downside to all that is just those few relatively simple shots and tests added up to a vet bill that was close to $700. Yikes! Yet another reason why raising horses is not profitable.

I did get $500 in the mail today from fleece and fiber sales, so that will pay for our next load of hay, which should (hopefully) last us until the check for Bonnie arrives.

Just a few more horse sales and we may almost manage to dig out of this financial hole.

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MommyMommy said...

glad to hear things are looking up!!!