Sunday, December 2, 2007

Senter's New House (Part 3)

There's a cold, cold rain coming in tonight, and Ken got Senter's house finished just in time!

Poor Senter, he doesn't grow a thick, fuzzy coat like all the other horses, so he needs some shelter from the elements even in our mild Virginia winters. But, being a stallion, he also likes to be able to see everything that's going on everywhere. So this shelter is perfect---it protects him from the wind and rain, but doesn't block his view.

Ken did a great job with building this, even though he's not super experienced at carpentry. I had a lot of input on the design, but Ken pretty much did all the building himself. It's just a simple frame of pressure-treated lumber with a heavy-duty tarp roof. All told, the whole thing cost us less than $300.

Senter already appreciates his new house. Here he is supervising while Ken gets ready to put the roof on:

And here he is enjoying his first meal in the newly completed digs:

Home, sweet home:

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Meggie said...

Ken did a great job, Nancy! Hope Senter appreciates the effort.