Friday, December 28, 2007

Surrounded by Flowers

I spent the middle part of today surrounded by flowers. Well, virtual flowers, that is.

I've been working on the website design for the fine folks at Bloomin Acres Farm, and a major part of that design is putting up photos and descriptions of all the plants in their plant nursery so that people can buy them online.

Today I worked on the Clematis section. Lots of beautiful, colorful photos to insert, position, resize, etc. It's pretty repetitive, detailed work, but on a gray, damp, cold day like today, it was really cheerful to spend several hours looking at lots and lots of flowers.

I also sold three more fleeces---payment arrived today, I'll send out the box tomorrow.

And I got a few more horse inquiries today as well, so I spent some time replying and answering questions. It would be so great if I could sell another few horses really soon!

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markmc03 said...

Little bit by bit, it sounds like you are making progress. Hang in there!